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Replicates one of the most known assault rifles, the M16/M4.It has the same form fit & function as the real thing- the ultimate in realism. Red dot & iron sight scopes.




Similar to the M4 with a shortened barrel and a little lighter for added versatility.



Is a compact option for close quarters combat? Similar features as the M4 except the CQB is stock-less, comes with a for grip & sling for added versatility.



Pain penalty Belt

For added realism add the pain penalty belt. Suitable for 18yrs & over the optional pain belt delivers a pain penalty when hit ensuring more tactical game play.

The pain belt delivers a localised shock and can be set to different levels of intensity.


Magazine reloads

Your Ammo comes in a magazine

Set to 150 rounds per magazine

Can be swapped between weapons/players

If you want to stay in the fight, drop your mag & slam home a new one!




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